Appears like Dofus retro was a good idea

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Appears like Dofus retro was a good idea

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Appears like Dofus retro was a good idea even for the Dofus Kamas other servers.There are lots of returning players that are using their accounts to create Dofus kamas to pay for sub for Dofus retro, therefore I'm not certain if those amounts represent something as good as it would look like.I feel quite optimistic that the Dofus game I adore Dofus is getting more active players, I just hope that its claims to get a while.Being high level only suggests that you spent 6+ hours per day doing the same dung one and repeatedly. No mind requiered. But thats only my opinion.

And being high level on Dofus 2.0 implies you spent hours total grinding more than 1 day rather than over 100 days. Level 200 is nearly useless on Dofus 2.0. It is still grinding like Dofus 1.29, doing exactly the exact same thing repeatedly. Dofus 2.0 is just like 100 times quicker and folks do not like that.Having a slower paced game makes it feel as if you really accomplish something. Reaching level 200 in Dofus 1.29 is a huge accomplishment that only a very small number of gamers have. Whereas on Dofus 2.0 everybody is 200, it is basically given to you free of charge with how simple it's to level.There's no mind required in either situation. It's the grind. Just 1 grind takes a lot more than the other.

Compared to back in the day? Not actually. Im sitting at 13k achievements but I have dungeons except torkelonia, along with the ones that are fantastic four. Dimension trios are ridiculously easy, did rating 200+trio in catseye for example without giving it much consideration in any way. Every turn pvm becomes simple, As soon as you're able to deal damage per turn per character. Only thing that really requires insane quantities of imagination and thinking are level boundless dreams. There was a time when frigost 3 was very few individuals per server could do them and hard. We deal the damage compared to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale these mobs AND days have less hp, mechanisms and less mp are somewhat more forgiving.

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